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Running Out of Time

The heading seems a little melodramatic but if you have read the earlier sections of this web site you will know it is not an exaggeration on my part - I do feel this is true - both for myself and the planet. There is an expression about how impending death focusses the mind but I know there is also a tendency for people to pretend that a serious problem doesn't exist. The end result for me is that I feel anxious and depressed or I spend almost all of the rest of my "free" time working out how to stay healthy but plan for another existence somehow - while doing what I can to slow down the World's Sixth Mass Extinction. If you think you can help these projects with your time and effort or just by donating cash, I would certainly appreciate the support (now that I am "retired" and don't have the cash flow I used to!).

If you are of the view that you don't need to freeze your whole body and that just having your brain frozen is good enough - and, if it turns out that it is not possible for you to be revived from that state with a new biological, synthetic or virtual body in the future, then at least the information that is in your brain should be able to be recovered in meaningful formats for historical posterity. Alternatively, if you would just like to support research that will help deal with brain / neural-related medical conditions of living people, then you can donate to NAF here:

Neural Archives Foundation

Opting for a Cryonics Preservation is a long-term bet (it is a backup plan for me) - if you are confident or hopeful that humans will have an advanced technological civilisation in the next hundred years or so, then you should sign up ASAP. If you would just like to make a donation, you can do that via PayPal on the CAA Membership page too.

Cryonics Association of Australasia

If you wondered why I didn't say: "that humans will STILL have" in the paragraph above, I refer you to Gandhi who, when he was asked by a journalist: "What do you think of Western Civilisation?", he responded with: "I think it would be a good idea!".

If you read the "Dorothy and Gerald", "Freeze Phil" and "LESTP" sections then you will know that I am not happy with current State and Federal legislation in Australia for a number of reasons. The main problem is that people age and die - this is basically not acceptable, but, given that there has only been modest progress in fixing this situation so far, if someone IS GOING TO DIE SOON, then they are entitled to, as intelligent adults, to be able to control the timing and nature of their deaths. If that means that they would prefer to have a "Pre-Mortem Cryonics Preservation", then they shoud be allowed to have that.

I am also working on enhancing a chatbot with AI capabilities if anyone wants to support that:

Phi Rho Chat on Facebook

Another way that people could support my various projects indirectly is to either donate to or get financially involved in my "Life Extension Villages" project. For the first site in Cowra, NSW, I am converting the current "Torrens Title" to a "Community Title" which will allow multiple dwellings in the village. People will be able to buy a building lot and put up their own house or Life Extension-related building. I will be using the first building as a "Home / Office" for the NAF and as a meeting place for people who might be on their way from Sydney to Holbrook where Southern Cryonics is being established. See here for more info:

Life Extension Villages

I will probably be issuing a Crypto Token that will be backed by the land in the LEV (3,000sqm available for building lots) and giving people access to the future benefits of various Neural Archives and Cryonics and work that takes place. These tokens could also be issued to people who participate in various forms of support for the LEV. They will not be considered "securities" but will allow people to support the LEV and therefore, indirectly, my other projects as well but it is possible the tokens could be redeemed for some physical value in the future.

Other options to come . .

To come . .